Here’s the proj mapping we prepared for the Live streaming of the TED2014 event!

My fellows did a great job preparing the stage! I really like the floating speech balloon with live tweets inside!

#TEDxCrocettaLive #TED2014

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In this tutorial I will show you how to use a web page as a layer in resolume for projection mapping;

It’s very useful for map a live-tweeting or stream a live video!

I’m going to use it in our next TEDxCrocetta’s event where we will map the stage as long with the TED live streaming from Vancouver!


download cef client:

download flash system plug in (Chrome) :

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Having fun with C4D’s hair module

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Reinventing items #2
- Decathlon’s rollnet-

Reinventing items #2
- Decathlon’s rollnet-

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Math with VVVV: 3-D functions!

Inspired by inFORM table of MIT’s Tangible Media Group (and the futuristic hospital bed  appeared in The Wolverine 3D movie), I started working on a patch in VVVV for controlling an “actuated matrix table”. The first use of the sotware I did is PLOTTING the 3D FUNCTIONs! It really funny…and visually stunning, expecially that looks very 8-bit style!

Next step is build a table…I’m workin on it!


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What I invented for Xmas? I bought thousand of NJUTA slippers at IKEA for a few euros…just to keep your phone up during charging! It’s a useful, original and cheap gift idea…and the slippers can still be used (but you must present two of them) :D

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Street Art in Turin_Pt.1

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First rendering of the “Wooden mannequin lamp” I’m making

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Marzia at Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao

Panasonic GF-2 + Industar 69 28mm M39 mount

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My “plastic-EasterEggs Recycling plan”, 2nd year!

My “plastic-EasterEggs Recycling plan”, 2nd year!

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